Small Change by James Neubacher
Each puzzle consists of a pair of four-letter, one syllable words. To play, change the first word, one letter at a time until the second word is reached. With each change, the new word formed along the way must be a standard, one syllable, English, four-letter word. The number in  parenthesis denotes the number of steps taken to complete the puzzle.

1pr1 1pr2 1pr3 3pr1
Small Change   Neubacher-1pr Neubacher-1pr2 Neubacher-1pr3 Neubacher-3pr1
3pr2 3pr3 5pr1 5pr2 5pr2o
Neubacher-3pr2 Neubacher-3pr3 Neubacher-5pr1 Neubacher-5pr2 Neubacher-5pr2o

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