Chris Rullestad & Marty Phillips
Chris and Marty are the creators of E.R.L. the Experimental Robotic Laborer.

Could it be that ERL is the solution to management's problems with human workers?  Read on....

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Rullphil-01 Rullphil-02 Rullphil-03
Rullestad-01 Rullestad-02 Rullestad-03
Rullphil-04 Rullphil-05 Rullphil-06
Rullestad-04 Rullestad-05 Rullestad-06
Rullphil-07 Rullphil-08 Rullphil-09
Rullestad-07 Rullestad-08 Rullestad-09
Rullphil-10 Rullphil-11 Rullphil-12
Rullestad-10 Rullestad-11 Rullestad-12
Rullphil-13 Rullphil-14 Rullphil-15
Rullestad-13 Rullestad-14 Rullestad-15
Rullphil-16 Rullphil-17 Rullphil-18
Rullestad-16 Rullestad-17 Rullestad-18